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Purchase Order (PO) Financing

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We finance purchase orders for businesses across the United States with funding sizes from $50,000 to $3 million.

What is Purchase Order Finance?
It is very common for businesses to have orders from creditworthy customers but they do not have the funds to pay suppliers to fill the orders. When a business finds itself in this position, it can be in danger of losing the orders and the potential profit they represent. Worse yet is the potential loss of any future orders from that customer.
Anchor will provide the money to fill these orders based on certain criteria.

Basic Purchase Order Finance Criteria
AFS has simple criteria for funding PO Transactions:

Management Expertise and Proven Products
AFS will finance companies with proven expertise in their field, and products that have been tested
Dependable Sourcing
AFS will fund transactions with suppliers who have records of dependability
Valid, Non-cancelable Purchase Orders
AFS will fund based upon non-cancelable, valid purchase orders issued by creditworthy companies. Consignment transactions are not funded.

AFS will fund by making direct payments to third party suppliers or the posting of Letters of Credit by AFS on behalf of its client.

Purchase Order Financing is available to virtually all industry segments, with the exception of construction.

For more information, please call one of our financing professionals at (866) 950 – 6669.

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